Just a Few Sleeps Away (Book)

The story of a Midwestern family’s heartbreaking loss — and what they have since found.

​A small-town Wisconsin girl living in Chicago with her fiancé, Andrea Haberman flew to New York on her first-ever business trip late on the evening of Sept. 10, 2001. She walked into the north tower of the World Trade Center for the first time in her life at 8 a.m. on Sept. 11 and made her way to the 92nd floor — just 45 minutes before terrorists flew a Boeing 767 into the floors directly over her head.

Just a Few Sleeps Away is a true story of devastating heartbreak. It is, too, an inspiring story of courage and faith and the pursuit of justice amid overwhelming grief. It is a book of discovery about both the endless reverberations of 9/11 and what one victim’s family came to see as the fundamental goodness of America.

Net proceeds go to the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial