30 Runs to Remember graphic for Day 9, honoring Jerry Gosa.

Rettler Runs for Jerry Gosa: A Tribute to a Dedicated Educator and Community Leader

December 10, 2023

Today, Pete Rettler, Dean of the West Bend Campus of Moraine Park Technical College, continues his “30 Runs to Remember” in honor of Jerry Gosa, a beloved teacher, coach, and community leader. This challenge aims to raise funds for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial & Education Center, a cause Jerry was deeply passionate about.

Jerry Gosa devoted 38 years of his life to Kewaskum High School, inspiring countless students through his passion for chemistry and his dedication to athletics. Beyond the classroom, he led the boys and girls varsity track and field teams, fostering a spirit of teamwork and perseverance.

Jerry’s impact extended far beyond the school walls. He served as president of Kewaskum Youth Scholarships (KEYS), an organization he helped establish and which has awarded over $2 million in scholarships to Kewaskum graduates. His commitment to education and community development was truly remarkable.

Jerry was a driving force behind the creation of the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial. He served as Vice President of the Board of Directors and played a pivotal role in fundraising and securing support for the project. His unwavering dedication and enthusiasm were instrumental in bringing the Memorial to life.

Tragically, Jerry passed away in March 2021, just before the Memorial’s grand opening. Despite his absence, his legacy lives on. Today, Pete runs in Jerry’s memory, honoring his commitment to education, service, and the preservation of history.

Through his “30 Runs to Remember” challenge, Pete aims not only to raise funds for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial but also to keep the memory of Jerry Gosa and other inspiring individuals alive.